Google Ads Management

Nearly 80% of consumers begin their decision journey with a search engine. Are you reaching them?

Google Search/Display

Our team sets up ads to reach an audience base that is searching for key terms related to your business. These campaigns ensure greater exposure to potential customers that have already expressed interest in your business.

Google Ads


Win back users who don’t covert on their first visit. With our tracking tags, we achieve a higher conversion rate with an additional push to your audience. Studies show it takes 5-7 interactions with someone online before they are ready to convert. Let us handle the ad funnel strategy and implementation for you.

Why Running Digital

We are committed to delivering results unique to your business. Our strategic and committed approach to digital advertising brings you great customer service, accounts that provide results, and ultimately success for your business.

There are a lot of Google Ad companies, which can cause campaigns to not be optimized to the fullest. We ensure all accounts are running at their full potential.

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