Facebook Ads

Facebook is a tempermental beast, with billions of active users and a mysterious ads management system that can ban accounts for seemingly no reason. Make sure that your ads are compliant with the ever changing Facebook policies, offering the maximum potential impact targeted at your ideal audience. Get consistent conversions from hyper targeted ads, scalable to your budget.

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We manage your Facebook Business like a pro

With the targeting options that social media platforms provide us, we can now communicate to the ideal audience base at much lower advertising costs compared to traditional media. Having a strong social page is the first step to any successful campaign. Whether you’ve had a social page active for a while or are looking to start an account, Running Digital will craft a strategy given the situation of your social standing.

We target to right customer and audience

Win back users who don’t covert on their first visit. With our tracking tags, we achieve a higher conversion rate with an additional push to your audience. Studies show it takes 5-7 interactions with someone online before they are ready to convert. Let us handle the ad funnel strategy and implementation for you.

Why Running Digital Is Best For Your Facebook Ads Audit?

We are committed to delivering results unique to your business. Our strategic and committed approach to digital advertising brings your audience to your brand, so they can consider your offer at the forefront of their purchasing decisions.

There are a lot of Facebook Ads companies, which can cause campaigns to not be optimized to the fullest.


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Discover what’s working right now and in the long run, with custom generated reports.


More conversation ever before

Get more clicks from qualified leads who are eager to buy from you.


Attractiv Post for Facebook Ads

Send your people to the right place to convert them into a customer.

Any time any updates

Stay lean and flexible in order to capture the market as trends shift. We offer improved tracking of audience engagement over time.

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