What to expect in the digital marketing world in 2020

by | Jul 29, 2022

Changes are what to expect in digital marketing for 2020 and these are the top 8.

  1. Data driven
  2. Video content
  3. Hyper targeted ad campaigns and remarketing
  4. Personalized content marketing with a focus on customer retention
  5. Influencer marketing
  6. Earned media marketing
  7. Engaging with human controlled chat bots

Having a digital marketing firm that is data driven and agile with ensure you have digital marketing strategies that can create campaigns to attract and engage the right audience.

Video content is exploding and becoming the number one go to for high level engagement and results. This with hyper targeted ads will become a huge opportunity for business to engage with prospects and customers.

A digital marketing firm with knowledge and expertise on how to effectively implement hyper targeted remarketing to this segment across multiple platforms will be a must to maintain your position in your industry.

Stay ahead of your competitors in 2020 be fully understanding about your targeted audience and how to effectively communicate with them through personalized content marketing. This is doubly true when we speak of customer retention versus customer acquisition.

Building brand awareness with a personalized content marketing strategy is the foundation for attracting influencer marketing. Without brand awareness businesses do not have a chance of attracting or partnering an influencer to speak of and share about your business.

Automated chat bots are on the decline although the human controlled chat bot is quickly taking over as the premier lead generate and capturing method. Today simple forms at the end of a sales funnel will no longer do. An increase in businesses are implanting humans to manage their chat bots or implementing for the first time a human controlled chat bot.

Earned media marketing is the result of a business’s ability to produce highly engaged content marketing coupled with their ability to create, run and manage highly effective paid ad campaigns across multiple platforms.

Essentially earned media marketing is content that your business didn’t produce or pay for but effective enough to garner attention from others like consumers, influencers, journalists, bloggers, celebrities and others.

This can only be accomplished with a knowledgeable digital marketing firm as a partner.

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