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Are you trying to track your digital advertising strategy across multiple channels and finding it difficult to compare and contrast what is working best? Do you spend hours logging into multiple platforms to download reports and then hours more trying to understand them? In recent years, data tools have grown significantly, but with them comes a large learning curve, and in many cases can be costly, time consuming, and a drain on your staff.

At Running Digital we can pull all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights for optimization! No more spending 3-5 hours at the end of each month trying to pull numbers from multiple ad sources. Instead, our team will set up and manage a customized data report for you to share with your clients. 

You heard that right, we are more than a software solution that someone on your team needs to take the next few months to learn, we are real people, setting up the integrations for you and providing timely analysis.

Gather All Your Data In One Tool

Stop going from one platform to another and bring all the data you need into one customizable dashboard. With our 40+ connected integrations and custom-data manager, all of your KPIs and the entirety of your data will suddenly be at your fingertips. 

Let Us Create Your Dashboards

If you have to import or edit multiple streams of data sources, we offer a dashboard creation & management service. 

You heard right; we offer create, edit, and manage all of your dashboards for you! There is a big push in the industry today for companies to hire data scientists and stretch their budgets even further to try to better understand their business performance and make better informed decisions. 

For a fraction of that cost we can provide the same analysis to you including suggestions for ways to optimize your marketing campaigns. 

No additional staffing, no new software to learn, no headaches, just actionable data to better grow your business.

Share Your Work Easily

We automate your digital marketing report distribution with scheduled report email dispatches that gives your clients real-time access to their dashboards!

Make Your Results Shine

How you organize and display your data will always depend on what marketing efforts you’re tracking and sharing with your team and clients, right?

Luckily, our team uses customizable widgets, section headers, and comment boxes, we’ve got everything needed to create the perfect reporting dashboard.

We work with agencies and businesses alike providing a simple solution to your data needs.

Simple, Scalable Pricing

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How Does This Help?

For most of our clients a single shift in ad strategy from the insights we provide will bring a return greater than their investment in our dashboard solutions. If you want to beat your competition and optimize your ad strategy, schedule a call with us today. 

You are already spending money on digital advertising, now let’s work together to make sure your next customer is properly targeted and not only sees but acts on that marketing effort.

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